Baby Health

The Best Start

Congratulations if you’re a new parent. No doubt you want the best start for your newborn or toddler. Most key nutrients and vitamins for a healthy start in life are found in breast milk or formula but research has shown that infants and young children may be deficient in Vitamin D.

Vitamin D – The Sunshine Vitamin

Low levels of vitamin D can lead to weak bones. In fact there has been an increase in the occurrence of rickets in Ireland over the last number of years. Vitamin D is synthesised in the skin upon exposure to sunlight, hence it’s known as the Sunshine Vitamin. As we are advised to avoid direct sunlight on young sensitive skin and sunscreen blocks the Vitamin D process, it is highly recommended that babies and toddlers are given a Vitamin D supplement in liquid form.

See further information from the National Health Executive Ireland (NSE) at Vitamin D for babies


Odourless Garlic + Ace  Antioxidants
x 30 Tablets

Allicin and Alliin in Garlic help maintain healthy cholesterol levels, a healthy heart and circulation. The antioxidants, vitamins AC & E and Quercetin are well known for their ability to combat free radicals, often known as ‘the bad guys’. These are toxic by products of oxygen metabolism. They can cause significant damage to normal cells and tissues in a process called oxidative stress. The vitamins and minerals the body uses to offset this stress are called antioxidants.


Folic Acid
x 90 Tablets

Recent studies have shown that Folic Acid may have an important role to play in protecting the heart A tablet a day helps reduce hardening of the arteries by improving arterial elasticity to counter the development of atherosclerosis.